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RECARO Specialist M

Ergonomic seating – model “M“.

Like the RECARO Specialist S, the Specialist M also offers a comfortable and supportive backrest to ensure an ergonomically correct posture. The long and flat seat cushion is particularly suitable for medium-sized to large persons, for drivers who have to get in and out frequently and for vehicles in which the door is some distance from the ground (4x4 vehicles, vans etc.).

Product features

Preformed seat back contour for ergonomically correct support


Lumbar support, which can be individually upholstered, relieves stress on your spine


Seat cushion extension: better thigh support relieves muscle tension


Fully upholstered headrest, adjustable for height and tilt providing optimised crash protection


Backrest tilt-forward release on both sides for easier operation


RECARO Specialist: pre-shaped side bolsters offering great support


Manual seat back adjustment: the correct position at all times


Model “M“: long seat cushion with very flat side bolsters for easy entry and exit


Options at additional cost: Electric seat back adjustment (in either 12 V or 24 V).

Cover choice




Armrest (Fabric or Leather)

Product features
Cover choice