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RECARO Sport "Topline"

Top equipment – top comfort.

The “Topline“ offers the following equipment over and above the “Sportline“ variant; the RECARO comfort package (RECARO Vent® system, seat heating and electric recline adjustment) – the seat that combines sportiness, comfort
and ergonomics like no other.

Product features

New, easy-to-operate switch pack: now with fully electric RECARO Airmatic® lumbar system.


Strongly contoured shoulder support relieves muscle tension when cornering

Lumbar support provided by the RECARO Airmatic® system: separate air chamber settings, new electrically adjustable backrest recliner


Well-defined side bolsters for a firmer sitting position offering great support when cornering. Bearing-mounted seat cushion reduces road vibration


Seat cushion extension: better thigh support relieves muscle tension and permits fast pedal changes


Integrated, fully upholstered headrest for the best possible head protection


Belt guide for 4-point belt system, the 3-point belt can also be used


Available with or without belt holes


Firm upholstery gives the correct feeling for the road


Backrest release on both sides for simple, easy operation


Electrically-adjustable, combined height and tilt adjustment (single button operation) for the best possible angle of vision when in correct seat position and comfort package: RECARO Vent® system, electric recline adjustment and seat heating



Options at additional cost: Coverings, specified seat material.

Cover choice


Product features
Cover choice