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RECARO Office Style

RECARO office chairs adapt to any situation, person and requirement.


As design is an important and vital part of

well-being, the RECARO office chair impresses with its perfect shape and high-quality covers. RECARO Office Line -

a symbiosis of a completely new seat concept in the office environment and the decades of experience in the manufacture of car seats. The renowned high requirements placed by the car industry on quality and load capacity guarantee practically infinite durability for the office chair too. Winners sit in RECARO

Shape and function - the perfect symbiosis of comfort and design. The RECARO Office Style inspires the most exacting individualist, for whom a way of life exists beyond the office door: futuristic technology, maximum comfort and optimal ergonomics - packaged in an attractive sporting design

Product features

Individual backrest angle adjustment

Armrests adjustable in width and height. Rotating and adjustable arm support

Fully upholstered headrest, adjustable in height and tilt, ensures individual lumbar support during prolonged sitting

Contoured shoulder area to relieve muscle tension

Special ergonomically formed seat cushion that prevents slipping off the chair

Extendable seat cushion: Improved support for the thighs relieves the muscles

Adjustable side bolsters

Synchronised mechanics with individual weight adjustment that allows an active or passive sitting position

Free vibration function that adapts to the body weight

Extra large, stable base for a safer position

Castors available for either carpeted or hard floors

Extra strong gas pressure spring for infinitely variable height adjustment

Cover choice


Product features
Cover choice

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